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Yoga Classes

Step into our serene sanctuary, Chillasana Yoga Shala, for invigorating morning yoga sessions. Join our public classes starting at 8:30 am, guided by our accomplished E-RYT 500 HR professional yoga educators. Experience a glimpse of our Yoga Teacher Trainings by joining these sessions, sharing the practice with our dedicated team.

Our classes are a blend of yoga philosophy, intelligently crafted sequences, and a functional yoga approach, ensuring accessibility for all practitioners. Come, immerse yourself in a practice that embraces inclusivity and is rooted in the essence of yoga philosophy.


Surf Lessons/Coaching

Embark on an educational surf adventure led by our ISA certified, seasoned local surf coaches. With years of coaching and surfing the nearby breaks, our team offers expertise honed by experience. We're passionate about witnessing your progress and success!

Beyond mastering the art of surfing, our mission is to immerse you in a holistic experience. We go beyond teaching you to stand on a board – we impart knowledge about the ocean, its elements, and surf etiquette. Our aim is to educate, ensuring you grasp the entirety of the surfing realm, making it a comprehensive and enriching journey.


Sunset SUP Tour

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of Playa Carrillo with our Sunset Stand-Up Paddle Board Tours. Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape from a unique vantage point.

Led by our knowledgeable local guides, this adventure isn't just about paddling; it's an exploration of the local community, the surroundings, and the vibrant wildlife. While paddling, you might encounter small sea life as you witness the breathtaking sunset, creating unforgettable moments against this stunning backdrop.


Oct. 12-18, 2024

Woman's Yoga Retreat

Find inner peace and enhance your well-being with our Woman's Yoga Retreat.  Join us from Oct. 12-18, 2024 for a transformative week of yoga, relaxation, adventure, and connection in the lush, Costa Rican jungle. 

We can not wait to share this journey with you!


200HR Samara Yoga Teacher Training.

Deepen Your Practice | Share What You Love

Samara Yoga Teacher Training is more that just an immersion to prepare you to teach yoga.  The Samara Yoga Teacher Training experience is designed to support you in going deeper into your practice, and into the heart of the teachings of yoga so that you can embody your yoga. During the training, you'll experience your own inner transformation and evolution, and as you connect with your inner wisdom and gifts.


The Samara Yoga Teacher Training program is integrated & rich: you'll graduate ready to teach, with a nourishing and grounded personal practice.

Stay tuned for our next training dates. 


Surf Coaching & Camps

Seeking a surf school that customizes its offerings to your individual requirements? Look no further. Our surf lessons and coaching services are designed to cater to surfers of all levels and abilities. Whether you're an experienced rider or a novice eager to catch your first wave, our skilled instructors deliver personalized guidance to elevate your skills.

Our range of offerings includes camps, private coaching, and surf trips, ensuring that we have the right fit for every surfer. Join us as we tailor our expertise to meet your specific needs and take your surfing experience to new heights.

I had many magical experiences during my two week stay in Samara, not the least of which, being the classes I took with Kelly. I own two Yoga studios in Massachusetts ( Vinyasa Yoga,) and have been teaching for over two decades--suffice to say I'm appreciative of every class I can take with a teacher, but also discerning. When I did the research on Yoga classes in Samara, Kelly's name popped up and the location where she then taught was a 5 minute walk from our house. What a beautiful gift to me, as Kelly's classes were truly magical and memorable, even now over a year later.

Her Yoga classes are thoughtful, heart centered, intelligently sequenced and as challenging as you want them to be. She offers modifications and truly allows space for all levels, including leveling up. Her barre classes are torture, lol...but I mean that in the best way. I teach a similar modality as well and appreciated her encouragement through the workout. So hard, but SO FUN and a lovely compliment to the Yoga practice.

I am looking forward to going back to Samara for a variety of reasons...I mean, it's as close to paradise as I've found. When I do land there again? I know what one of my first stops will be--Kelly's class, at her new studio that looks beautiful!!! I can't wait to see it. I cannot recommend her classes enough.


 Ashanti Yoga Hopkinson

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